Sources of Light Waste & Pollution - 6/6

Using Light Where and When it is Not Needed:

This photo of a back alley well illustrates some of the causes of light pollution. The lights used are of the 'barnyard light' type which means that they are spewing light in all directions, wasting most of it.

The lights are lighting an area that is not being used. This is also a tremendous waste. Light should ONLY be used when and where it is required.

These lights also produce a lot of glare and are on all night, producing light trespass on the surrounding properties and creating problems for people who are trying to sleep as well as affecting flora and fauna.

Winter's snow reflects the light throughout the neighborhood and into the night sky.

This type of situation is found in almost all communities throughout the industrial world and is a tremendous waste of electrical power.

Very efficient lights of the appropriate type (full cut-off LED's), when operated by sensors, place the light only where it is required when it is required at the right intensity for safety. 

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