Definition: A Light-Efficient Community (LEC) utilizes light intelligently. It employs sound planning, designs, measures, legislation, fixtures, technologies and good lighting practices to reduce its energy costs and carbon footprint while preserving the natural environment and ensuring health, safety, security and a high quality of life for all.  Keep your light to yourself!

Light-Efficient Communities

The LEC Prime Principle

Light only what needs to be lit only when it needs to be lit with the most efficient light source of appropriate intensity and colour without creating direct light trespass on neighboring properties and the night sky. Keep your light to yourself!

Specifically, exterior lighting is to be from a fully-shielded LED, or some other similarly highly-efficient source, of less than 3000 Kelvin to prevent high levels of toxic blue light and light waste, trespass, glare and light pollution. The light print from the luminaire must be constrained to the property at all times and be used only when necessary under the control of a sensor.

The light intensity produced must be only that necessary to provide appropriate lighting for the intended purposes and be no brighter than that. The light source is to be situated close to the area being served to prevent light dispersion, waste of electricity and to allow for lower wattage sources to be used while providing an acceptable level of lighting within the designated area.



"Demons in the Light - Light Waste - An Overview" - The Film

This is a high-quality (4K), half-hour introductory film on the many serious costs and negative aspects of light waste - Energy Costs, Financial Costs and Community Costs (Light Waste, Human Health, Culture, Education and Research, Quality of Life, Flora, Fauna, The Night Environment and Climate Change.)

This film is an excellent introduction to the topic of light waste. It is particularly effective for presentations on the topic or self-education. There are also several associated documents that accompany the film, and supporting video modules, adding to its value.

A New Logo for a New Era!

The new logo on the left signals an exciting new era for community lighting. For the first time the LEC-Compliant logo is being used to indicate that the product, service or organization meets the stringent requirements of a Light-Efficient Community in regards to its community lighting.

About the LEC-Compliant Logo and its Meaning

Learning/Teaching Materials

For LECs

For Lighting Designers

Titled "A Guide to LEC Lighting Design," this document expands on the LEC Prime Principle and is oriented towards those who are lighting designers such as town or city lighting engineers or specific project managers and the architects who are doing this work. The information is also useful for anyone working on lighting for a community project, residence, business, etc. 

Using LEC Teaching/Learning Materials

LEC materials may be used by the self-learner, for presentations and for instructors providing courses in a variety of subject areas. This document provides guidance in using these materials in order to get the maximum benefit from their content.


A new luminaire, light years ahead of the pack, has arrived!

Called Lumicana, this sleek, high quality, high-tech, revolutionary street/area luminaire promises to meet the stringent requirements of the LEC Prime Principle, casting light only where it is needed, when it is needed at the required intensity and colour (2200K). Community lighting will never be the same. Read the introduction now!

Direct link to for more information

and technical specifications.

Lumicana -

Much Better Lighting for Your Community

Lumicana -

New Hope for Dark Skies

Lumicana -

About Your New


Lumicana -

LEC-Compliant Streetlight


No more light waste and glare for miles!

In the works:

This download contains all files available to the LEC advocate. They are in PDF form as well as PowerPoint and the use is indicated as ADM- Administration concerns for LEC municipalities,

HO - Hand Outs for advocates and municipal personnel,

POLICY - Existing Municipal LEC-related policies, and

POWERPOINT - presentation on light pollution. Note: this PP

Presentation may be adapted for your own use as an advocate.

Review the web pages and documents one by one for a 'quick course' on light waste/pollution, its sources, effects and solutions.

LEC-Kit & Downloads

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LEC Quick Course

Vital information downloads for advocates and municipal authorities.

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Books of Interest

DARK MATTERS - Nature's Reaction to Light Pollution

Told through the eyes of thirteen-year-old Joan who loves the outdoors, Dark Matters introduces young readers to the fragile animals that are impacted by our increasingly threatened nighttime skies.

Come discover the amazing night life of frogs and bats, turtles and fireflies, birds, plants, and so much more. And learn how their lives and ecosystems are negatively impacted by light--much of which is so unnecessary.

This book is packed full with fascinating and unexpected facts and illustrations, and comes with tips and suggestions on how young people can help reduce light pollution. Because dark matters.

by Joan Marie Galat - Published by Red Deer Press - 2017

NEW - release in July 2017

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Creating the LEC


"Creating the LEC" documents are now available for download on this web site. These documents will be of interest to anyone who wants a LEC created in his/her community.

The documents contain a wealth of information on how to get a group working towards this end, where to get resources, how to use the resources, how to start influencing your municipal council, how to do a presentation to them, how to deal with the media, how to use the media and many other related references and ideas to help your efforts along. 

Click on the photo above to access these documents.