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What is a Light-Efficient Community?

A Light-Efficient Community (LEC) is one that uses lighting intelligently and responsibly. It uses the most effective, efficient artificial lighting available to minimize energy waste, glare, light trespass and light pollution.

A Light-Efficient Community employs sound planning, designs, measures, legislation, fixtures, technologies and good lighting practices to reduce its energy costs and carbon footprint while preserving the natural environment and ensuring health, safety, security and a high quality of life for all. 

The LEC Prime Principle:

Light only what needs to be lit using efficient lighting of appropriate colour and intensity only for as long as it needs to be lit without trespassing on other properties or the night sky. Keep your light to yourself!

This section contains all information required to understand the Light-Efficient Community concept and how to work with others to create such a community.

Information is provided free to LEC advocates as well as those who seek information on Light-Efficient Communities.

The LEC Solution

Effects of Light Pollution

LEC-Kit & Downloads

Sources of Light Pollution

News - Information - Resources

Evaluate Your Community for Light-Efficiency!

Evaluate Your Home for Light-Efficiency!

Evaluate Your Business for Light-Efficiency!

Videos on Youtube - Edmonton's LEC

All Documents Download

Download not only the documents on the right but other documents related to the Light-Efficient Community.

Binder Cover and Introduction

LEC Goals, Objectives and Approaches

LEC Quickview

Why We Are Becoming a LEC

LEC-Compliant Lighting

LEC-Compliant Streetlights/Arealights

Better Lights for Better Nights

Lumicana - the First LEC-Compliant Luminaire

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