Light-Efficient Communities - Short Course

Above: Light waste, trespass and pollution from a small town creates serious, negative effects over a very large area to to the health and well-being of people, flora and fauna.

The LEC Short Course

This LEC Short Course is designed to quickly bring the user up-to-speed on the terms that are used to describe situations related to the use and abuse of light in their everyday activities.

It is also designed to raise awareness of the many serious, negative effects of light waste, trespass and pollution on human beings, flora, fauna and the environment.

The course is also designed to provide simple but effective solutions and resources to the myriad of problems one encounters in dealing with lighting in their everyday operations. Although the problem is everywhere and enormous in size, solutions are available when people decide to improve their health and the lighting within their homes, businesses and communities.

This course has been designed for the average reader and does not contain many technical terms. It is based on common understanding and should be readily understandable to and useable by anyone with a basic understanding of the English language.

Offered free of charge, it uses resources of all types in order to improve understanding and action. It also enables the reader to freely pass the information along to others who may be activists, educators, students, politicians, scientists, consultants, etc. It will enable the user who wishes to become active to engage in discussions on light use and abuse in order to bring positive change to his/her community and life.

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