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The Light-Efficient Community (LEC)

Creating the Light-Efficient Community takes learning, teaching, preaching, consulting, organizing, time, patience and work for the advocate and his/her associates.

The job is becoming much easier as the price of energy keeps increasing and people are becoming much more concerned about the environment and our effects on it. As well, municipal authorities are anxious about increasing energy costs and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of energy use for all aspects of their operations, including those that involve light.

As street lighting is a major budget item for most communities, anything that can be done to reduce this cost, especially on a continuing basis, is bound to catch and hold the attention of policy makers.

The recent introduction of LED technology for street and most other types of lighting has come at just at the right time to change exterior lighting to a much more efficient and effective system. This will reduce costs while providing better lighting with efficiency and effectiveness.

Cost savings on power may be applied to the purchase of new LEC- compatible lighting fixtures. Savings continue month after month as power and maintenance costs are substantially reduced.

The use of sensors to control lighting also greatly reduces energy and maintenance costs even further.

The Advocate must be aware of these advantages while convincing other people and policy makers to adopt LEC approaches and create a community which is more efficient and pleasant to live and work in.

The Advocate is encouraged to form a group to push for creation of a LEC as the amount of work is considerable. It is also preferred to form associations with other interested civic and environmental groups to broaden and enhance support for change.

The more support the LEC approach has, the more likely that civic officials will change lighting policy and fixtures in the community.

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