Light-Efficient Community Solutions - 5/5

The Light-Efficient Community - Attributes

Light-Efficient Communities have the following attributes:

  • Change community street lighting to full cut-off, energy efficient, sensor-controlled, warm- color LED streetlights

  • An Interim Policy which immediately halts the further installation of older cobra-head, sag-head, farmyard lights or other types which are not full cut-off throughout the community

  • An Interim Policy which prevents the increase in lighting for the community except for areas where safety issues are concerned

  • An Interim Policy which allows for the decrease in light intensity if so desired

  • An Interim Policy which prevents the increase in the number of new light poles in established neighborhoods unless there are safety issues

  • An Interim Policy which limits the installation by new area developers to full cut-off LED lights

  • A LEC Policy which stipulates exterior lighting control for all local government lighting including streetlights, buildings, security lights, sports facility, parks,  pedestrian walkways, etc.

  • A LEC Policy which controls the type of exterior lighting to be installed by the public, industries, businesses, etc. to ensure that there is no light trespass, lights of suitable intensity are used, lights are extinguished when not in use, lights are on sensors, etc.

  • A LEC Policy which includes public education on light pollution as well as LEC goals, objectives and advantages and how these are going to be reached locally through local policies and procedures

  • Appoints a Light-Efficient Community Co-ordinator (LEC - C) to plan and facilitate the public education and community changes to the new lighting policies and procedures

  • Integration of the LEC Policy with other environmental policies and procedures adopted by the local government

  • Advertising that the community is a Light-Efficient Community if meeting the above conditions

Light-Efficient Communities (LEC's) create policies and procedures which halt the installation of cobrahead, sag lens and farmyard lights and replace them with LEC-Compliant, highly-efficient LED streetlights of colour temperature 2200 Kelvin or below which save energy, light and money.

Effects of Light Pollution

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Sources of Light Pollution

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Municipal Policies of LEC's

Replace inefficient, light-polluting cobra head luminaires with highly-efficient, low-blue, LEC-Compliant luminaires which direct light only where it is needed when it is needed and can be computer/sensor controlled for additional safety, savings of energy and money.

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