The Light-Efficient Community Kit - 1/2

Introduction -

The Light-Efficient Community Kit (LEC- Kit) Intro - 1/2

To educate people who are concerned about light pollution and its many negative effects, a Kit of materials has been developed which includes:

  • Materials for the Advocate

  • Materials for public education and policy makers

The materials address the following:

  • Tools which will aid learning and teaching

  • Tools to assess the degree of local light pollution

  • Background information on the LEC concept

  • Handouts for public education

  • Approaches to local policy makers

  • Duplication and distribution concerns

  • Cost of materials - materials are free

  • Distribution of materials electronically

  • Organizational concerns

These materials may be downloaded, used and shared by anyone at their own risk. No warranties of any type are implied or stated. The materials may be copied and transmitted in any form. You are encouraged to share these materials with anyone interested. Please advise the author if you wish to modify any of the materials in some way or translate them. All documents are copyrighted and all rights are reserved.

NOTE: "Light-Efficient Community(ies)" is copyrighted.

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Effects of Light Pollution

The LEC Solution

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Sources of Light Pollution

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