The Light-Efficient Community Kit - 2/2

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The Light-Efficient Community Kit (LEC- Kit) - 2/2

The LEC-Kit contains documents for the Advocate (ADV), the Advocate and the public (handouts) (ADV-HO), and the public/policy creators (HO).

The Kit also contains a PowerPoint presentation which can be used by an individual for self-education and/or by the Advocate or other person for public education as a presentation. The program titled "Light Pollution--an Introduction" is made available in production mode so that the user can borrow from it, modify its contents, make a translated copy, add local photographs, etc. To access the presentation you must have PowerPoint (from Microsoft) loaded onto your computer or you can download the viewer at:

A link to a NASA web site is also included. This link will enable you to download and use a video of a rotating Earth at night, an excellent tool for introducing the topic of light/energy waste and light pollution throughout the world.

Please feel free to share these materials with as many people as possible in order to raise awareness of the causes, effects of and solutions to light/energy waste and light pollution.

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