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The LEC-Kit is a collection of documents, handouts and a video file along with a PowerPoint presentation which is designed to assist anyone who is interested in light waste and pollution, its sources, effects and solutions. These may be used individually or as a group. They may be used by LEC Advocates to educate themselves as well as the public and policy makers to promote change in the community's lighting and policies which affect that lighting. As the policy-makers are the groups which make change happen, they are the ultimate target, though all people in the community must be made aware of the costs and problems of letting light pollution continue or increase.

The downloads below represent the main components of the LEC-Kit.

The ADSA components may be copied and distributed to anyone who has an interest in light pollution and its reduction. You are encouraged to distribute these as widely as possible with the appropriate credits. The World at Night Atlas is also an invaluable resource.


      This is a PowerPoint presentation designed to help the advocate introduce the basic concepts related to light pollution - what it is, what causes it and how it can be reduced. This presentation may be used individually to educate ones-self and/or to educate the general public. You may also modify this production in the PowerPoint program by adding, modifying text and photos to better represent the local situation.  The audio portion is left to the advocate.

Note: This file is large, approximately 68 Megs! As such, it may take some time to download depending on the speed of your internet connection. You must have the PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer programs on your computer to use this download. The PowerPoint Viewer may be downloaded from the Microsoft web site at:

Copy and paste into your web browser to download this program.


Over the past five years I have developed a number of documents for use by various people involved in the creation, development and evaluation of Light-Efficient Communities.

Of course, there is overlapping information which must be made available to and used by all interested groups. However, the information has been divided into subsets of particular interest to each group. It is advisable that you download ALL files and review them. You may wish to separate them into folders as they pertain to your particular use. Handouts designated by HO-, are intended as public information/education handouts for anyone interested and may be used by advocates and municipalities as part of their public information/education programs in print or on their web sites. The documents have been converted to PDF format for ease of use and transmission and then ZIPped to reduce the size and amount of time required for downloading. ADSA materials may be used without copyright clearance but must be used in their entirety and ADSA must be acknowledged. Everyone should read the Introduction to LEC's documents  and the Public Information documents to ensure a common understanding of the problems and solutions to light pollution, trespass, etc.

Please let me know if you are using the materials, how and their effectiveness by sending an e-mail to   Your response is greatly appreciated.      [ Rod E. Mc Connell ]


This ZIPed file contains the documents released for LEC's along with other documents for the public by various municipalities. Also, see the important LEC-related documents in the rest of this section. [Please be patient during the download. This is a large file!]

This ZIPed file contains many documents for Advocates, Public Education, CAO's and Councilors. Downlaod, choose and use the documents which will best assist you in creating a LEC development program. These documents may be freely copied and distributed in any medium, in whole, as they have been placed in the public domain. LEC documents may be added to your web site for public education. The only stipulation is that you indicate that you intend to use them and provide the URL for the web site on which the documents will appear. Advise the web master at:

Your comments on the documents and their effectiveness is greatly appreciated.

C. LIGHT-EFFICIENT COMMUNITY POSTERS (freely download then freely distribute):

Use the links to obtain posters which have been prepared for a variety of uses by those advocating Light-Efficient Communities. The posters will be downloaded as a group in a ZIPed file.

The files are PDF files and designed to be printed on 11x17 inch paper. Semi-gloss or glossy 80 lb. or thicker paper may be used for best poster quality. (This is usually the maximum size handled by most copiers.)  Posters may then be printed and distributed or electronically transferred as you wish.


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This excellent web site provides maps of light waste/pollution from around the world. The maps are perfect for illustrating/advertising light pollution in your country/area/community. When addressing local groups, community councils, media, etc., they are excellent resources to show the area surrounding your community affected by light waste. Local community ground-level light-dome photos, combined with the maps, create a major impact on  audiences. They are vital to creating an understanding of the extent of the waste and the area affected, something with which most people are totally unfamiliar.

Effects of Light Pollution

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Sources of Light Pollution

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Modules from the film in production called "Demons in the Light" are available on The video components are accessible within the particular sections to which their content refers. (Ex.; the Crime module is accessible through the Crime section on this web site.) Video components that are not yet available are so indicated. As videos become available, they will be linked on this web site.




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