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The Earth at Night  - Rotating Globe by NASA - NOAA

This video is highly recommended!

The link will take you to a NASA web site which contains a high definition video compilation of photographs taken by satellite of the Earth at night.  During the video the Earth rotates revealing light/energy waste and  pollution in all areas of the world.

If this movie is run on the screen in repetition mode before the presentation begins it is an excellent attention- getter as well as being a great introduction to the Light Pollution PowerPoint presentation. This is an excellent video to put up on the screen before beginning a presentation on light pollution and to bring up again at the end of the presentation as a backdrop for question time. If you can run the high definition version on your computer/projector the video is most engaging and will not only intrigue yourself but the audience you are addressing.

NASA - NOAA Satellite Night View of Earth

- Dates of Photos: nine days in April, 2012 & 13 days in October, 2012

- It took 312 orbits to get clear shots of every parcel of Earth's land surface and islands.

- Credit: NASA Earth Observatory/NOAA NGDC

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NASA Video: Rotating Earth at Night

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