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Light-Efficient Community Policy Templates:

This ten-page document provides LEC Policy working templates to assist CAO's in the development of LEC Policies for their communities. Included are Phase 1 (or Interim) LED streetlight replacement and new installation policies, Phase 2 (community-based light waste control and minimization) and LEC-Policy - Complete (one policy to cover both the use of LED streetlights and the control, reduction and minimization of light waste from community sources.  Template press releases are also included for each phase.

Strathcona County LEC Municipal Policy (Alberta, Canada):

You may wish to peruse this copy of a LEC Policy adopted by the County of Strathcona, Alberta, Canada. The link will take you to the web site where you may download the Policy.

Web Site:

Strathcona County LEC Community Handbook (Public Education):

You may also wish to peruse a copy of related documents (above and below) which were prepared by the County of Strathcona:

Web Site:

Strathcona County  Policy Video for Community Information (Alberta, Canada):

This video provides an overview of the Strathcona County Light-Efficient Community, its development and attributes.

Web Site:

Strathcona County Municipal Policy Handbook (Alberta, Canada):

You may also wish to peruse a copy of a Light-Efficient Community Handbook prepared by the County of Strathcona as an information program for its citizens:

Web Site:

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Bon Accord, Alberta Light-Efficient Community Policy:

Light-Efficient Communities Standards Bylaw

Bon Accord, Alberta Light-Efficient Community Policy:

LEC Policy Final Draft (Amended)

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