City of Edmonton Community LED Streetlight Specifications:

This document provides information on the specifications that the City of Edmonton uses to purchase LED streetlights. Two manufacturers have been chosen: Lumec and LED Roadway Lighting.  See Section 2.18 in the document.

County of St. Paul No. 19, Alberta - Light-Efficient Community Policy:

The County of St. Paul adopted this Phase 1 LEC Policy to install LED lighting on September  10th, 2013 after years of work by councilors and staff of the county.

M.D. of Foothills Dark Sky Bylaw (Alberta):

The M.D. of Foothills, just south of Calgary, Alberta created a Light-Efficient Policy in order to reduce light pollution in the M.D. and to protect an observatory. 

The LEC - Kit Downloads Pages - 4/4

City of Edmonton Interim Light-Efficient Community Policy:

This Interim Policy provides direction to the Transportation Department while the City of Edmonton Light-Efficient Community Policy is being created. This has resulted in the installation of over 16,000 LED streetlights in residential areas and controlled the intensity of lighting in all residential areas undergoing refurbishment.

Light-Efficient Communities - Policy Examples - Pg. 2

Jasper National Park - Dark Sky Preserve (Alberta):

To protect the dark skies of the national park and to encourage use of the dark night sky as a natural resource for visitors, Parks Canada created a Dark Sky Preserve.

City of Edmonton Community Light Changes:

This section of the City of Edmonton web site contains information of interest not only to Edmontonians but to anyone who is following our lighting system changes as we move towards a Light-Efficient Community.

City of Edmonton Light-Efficient Community Policy (Phase 1):

This City of Edmonton LEC Policy provides direction to the Transportation Department and other City of Edmonton departments as to the expectations regarding the use of light for all City of Edmonton facilities. Yet to come is the section of the Policy which deals with light pollution and trespass resulting from the rest of the community.

City of Edmonton Light-Efficient Community Report:     (Essential Reference)

Note: Large File! This comprehensive research document was used to support the City of Edmonton's decision to become a LEC. It is a wealth of information on almost every aspect of light use and effects in a modern community with recommendations.

Tucson & Pima County Outdoor Lighting Code - 2012:

Tucson, Arizona has a long history of minimizing waste light in the community as the city is close to some of the largest astronomical observatories in the United States. One criticism of its bylaws is the allowance of extra high light poles thus causing increased trespass and glare. Tucson does have a much smaller light print than cities of similar population.

Virginia - Fauquier County - Outdoor Light Fixtures Control

Adopted January 18th, 2000, this ordinance amendment provides control over exterior lighting within the community.

American Medical Association - Light Pollution Policy:

As light waste and pollution results in many negative effects, including health effects, the American Medical Association has researched the area of waste light and health and has adopted a policy against continued light pollution and its effects.

Effects of Light Pollution

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