LEC Videos - Demons in the Light, etc.

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Some video modules are now available on Youtube.com from the film in production called "Demons in the Light."

These modules are video resources for teaching/learning about the negative effects of light on all aspects of our health, society and environment as well as Light-Efficient Communities.

There is also a copy of a 16 minute documentary on Edmonton, Alberta's development of their LEC program presented to the La Palma (Canary Islands) conference on dark skies. Called Light-Efficient Communities - A Win-Win for Communities and Dark Skies Alike!, the program details the processes used to create LEC policies for the city.

An overview of the coming film "Demons in the Light" is now included in the set.

TO ACCESS: Click on the links below

                      or use the directions below.

1. Go to Youtube.com

2. In the SEARCH box, type in " light-efficient communities"

3. Choose and click on the listed thumbnails to start the various modules and presentations.

If a new page with Youtube will not open up, follow the directions on the page

that does open up to go to Youtube and the video.

NOTE: These videos may be freely downloaded, used, copied and shared for educational purposes only. The content is copyrighted and all rights are reserved.

"Light-Efficient Community (ies)" is copyrighted.

"Demons in the Light" - Available Videos:



Module 1 - The Problem


Module 2 - The Costs of Waste Light


Module 3 - Effects on Health -


Module 4 - Safety

- Unavailable

Module 5 - Culture

- Unavailable

Module 6 - Environment


Module 7 - Effects on Astronomical Sciences

and Science Education


Module 8 - Effects on Flora


Module 9 - Effects on Fauna


Module 10 - Lighting and Crime/Security


Module 11 - The Light-Efficient Communities


- Unavailable

Additional Videos:

Presentations to an international dark

sky conference in La Palma, Canary Islands, 2015

And 2016

"Light-Efficient Communities - A Win-Win for Communities and Dark Skies Alike!, "


"Demons in the Light" - Film/Videos - how this

project was developed


IDA Conference Presentation - November 2017