Demons in the Light - The Film

"Demons in the Light - The Film

is a high-quality, half-hour introductory film on the many  serious costs of waste light - Energy Costs, Financial Costs and Community Costs (Light Waste, Health, Culture Education and Research, Quality of Life, Flora, Fauna, The Night Environment and Climate Change)

This film is an excellent introduction to the topic of waste light and is of particular use for presentations or self-education. Please complete the Evaluation Form.

Demons - Evaluation Form

PLEASE - Once you have seen the film, please click to obtain the Demons Evaluation Form and spend a few minutes providing your input about what you have seen, heard, learned and felt from the film. Your input is vital to any possible changes that may have to be made and the production of any future films.

Demons - About the Film

This document contains the following sections:

- Why There is a Need for this Film

- About this Film

- Film Contents

- Producing the Film

- Related Resources

Above: DVD cover artwork for "Demons."

Demons - The Film Transcript

This document contains a complete transcript

of the film in English.

Demons - DVD Cover Art

This document is a complete front and back cover

if you wish to download this film and protect it in a regular DVD box. It prints on 8.5"X11" sheet of paper. Use regular weight, semi-gloss paper for best results.


Demons - Information Sheet

This two page document (1 sheet) provides basic information on the film "Demons in the Light: Light Waste - an Overview." Use it to obtain information

for yourself and others interested in materials for light waste awareness and elimination.

Demons in the Light - Video Modules

Demons - 11"x17" Poster

This attractive 11"x17" full colour poster provides

basic information on the film "Demons in the Light: Light Waste - an Overview." Use it to obtain information for yourself and interest others in accessing and using materials for light waste awareness and minimization.

Above: "Demons" poster 11 x 17 inches

Video Modules Page

Demons - The Making of Demons

This short video talks about the Demons production

which had no budget yet still had to be produced in

order to introduce the reasons why light waste is a problem that has to be addressed in order to reduce costs and waste while protecting the health and well-being of all life in the community. 

Above: Bad lighting affects many different

kinds of insects also.

Demons - Using Demons

This document provides basic information on Demons, its effectiveness and how it may be used to self-educate or educate others who have an interest in lighting, its problems and solutions. It also indicates how Demons/video modules may be used along with other materials for a variety of types of presentations. 

International Declaration

on Blue-Rich Light

Demons - Evaluation Results

This document provides the analysis of the information obtained from the initial survey that was done after release of "Demons." It includes responses to the multitple choice questions as well as comments received from the audience with an age range of 15 to 76 years. (The results have been very impressive!)

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