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Video modules supporting the topic areas of the film "Demons in the Light" are available on

The video components are also accessible within the particular web sections to which their content refers. (Ex.; the Crime module is accessible through the Crime section on this web site.) Video modules serve in two ways:

1. as separate introductory modules for the topic

2. as an expansion of the content of a topic from the film

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Module 2 - Costs of Light Waste

Module 3 - Effects on Healh

Module 4 - Replaced

Module 5 - Replaced

Module 1 - The Problem

Module 6 - Effects on Environment &

                  Climate Change

Module 7 - Effects on Astronomical Sciences

                  & Science Education

Module 8 - Effects on Flora

Module 9 - Effects on Fauna

Module 10 - Crime & Security

How We Are Becoming a LEC - LEC Development

The Making of Demons in the Light - LEC Resources Development

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