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The goal of this web site is to provide information on light waste, its causes, its effects and viable solutions.

It has been known for some time that light waste is the result of the incredible amount of light wasted by modern communities. It has also been known and researched that light waste is the cause of a number of important negative effects in our society and on our environment.

Streetlights waste most of the light produced as inefficient bulbs spew light not only onto the roads and sidewalks but sideways and upwards into the community and sky. More efficient light sources such as LED's can now focus light only onto desired areas and do so with far less energy.

Street lighting is also a major cost to communities and since most of the light is wasted, this is a major source of waste for which concerned taxpayers are paying.

Wasted light also means that more energy has to be produced, more power plants are required and more energy used to keep those plants going. It also means more pollution of air, water, land and sky. It is estimated that over 2 Billion dollars are spent on wasted light every year in the United States!

Wasted light has also shown to have important health effects as it encourages the growth of breast and prostate cancers and is a cause of sleep deprivation which leads to many negative side effects for the sufferer. The more that is known about artificial light at night, the more concern develops. Agencies such as the United Nations' World Health Organization and the American Medical Association have accepted the research and now have policies against light pollution.

We, in industrial societies, are literally poisoning ourselves with artificial light at night and changing our environment in the process.

Light from homes, businesses, government and industry spreads its glow throughout the community and far into the surrounding countryside, affecting the health and welfare of all living things it touches. 

We are learning that the light that we regard as protective is actually seriously, negatively affecting us in so many ways.

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