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The information presented on this site is distilled from available research from a wide variety of sources.

It is provided to you with the hope that you will develop the necessary knowledge, attitudes and skills then take appropriate actions to protect yourself, the community, flora, fauna and the night environment from the negative effects of wasted light.

In the process you will be saving energy, cutting costs and improving the environment and your health by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide produced by electrical power plants, thus reducing the pollution of land, water, air and sky and global warming.

The prime tool for this education is the Light-Efficient Community - Kit (LEC - Kit).

The Kit contains information and tools for the LEC Advocate, the LEC advocate's support group and for the public and policy makers with whom they will be in contact.

By learning from the Kit and using and distributing its materials, the Advocate and the group may be able to have exterior lighting policies and fixtures changed in the community thus improving the quality of life for all living things therein.

The Kit contents have been provided in PDF and PowerPoint formats for easy use and dissemination through downloads, e-mail or print. The materials are provided free of charge and may be freely distributed to anyone who has an interest.

The materials may also be uploaded to the web sites of the Advocates for easy distribution to their members.

Alberta cities such as Edmonton and Calgary and various municipalities are now in the process of creating Light-Efficient Community policies which will control the waste of light and energy while dramatically reducing power costs and improving the health, safety, security and quality of life of all living things in its area.

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